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Wake Up! Your Dream is Gone!

A long time ago, when I my dreams of exploring the far corners of the world seemed attainable, I picked the Midway Islands as a destination. Its appeal was its remoteness and its geological placement in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, a little to the north of Hawaiian islands.

exact location of the Midway Islands

As a school project, we had to create a list of 10 essential items that we could have on a deserted island. I imagined Midway Island as my setting.

Thinking about a far-off place such as this, I imagined pristine beaches and untouched wilderness. Both flora and fauna would be resplendent, because of its distance from the dirty hand of mankind. I thought of pitching a tent on a high point of land and just sitting back to be entertained by the natural activities of birds and marine life.

And then this movie trailer arrived in my inbox, crushing my childhood dream and making me realize that, too often, we falsely believe that such a paradise truly exists. How could I have thought that an outpost like Midway Islands would sit untouched and unmolested, waiting for me to fulfil my childhood dream?

photographer and filmaker Chris Jordan

Unbelievable. Heartbreaking.

This clip is absolutely worth four minutes of your time – even if its only purpose is to crush your dreams and make you wake up.

Midway – a film

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