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Hospital Visit No.2

If you’ve been following along, you will have recently read about the battle with the log splitter. (log splitter 1; me 0) I was still on prescribed R&R, taking it fairly easy around the Queendom and adamantly avoiding sneezes. On the last day of school, I was hustling around the house, unsuccessfully trying to do too many things at once, and I tripped over the ottoman at high-speed. In mid-air, I valiantly tried to contort my body to avoid landing ribs first on the glass coffee table. Although I successfully missed the coffee table and did no further damage to my lung, I managed to land with full force directly on my pinkie finger.

I lay on the ground for a minute and tried to assess my situation. As an adult, I don’t fall very often so it is kind of a big deal. This was my chain of thoughts:

Am I okay?

Yeah, I think I’m alright.

Is anything broken?

No, although I may have bloodied my shin when I landed.

Hold on. My pinkie finger feels odd.

Lookie here. It’s at a funny angle, but it doesn’t hurt.

Maybe I’ll bend it and see .

Whoa!  That felt strange.  Kind of creaky!

I studied my hand for a minute but I could no longer move my pinkie at all. I thought about just ignoring it and carrying on with whatever I had been doing. But I realized that I was probably in shock and that I should do something about it before the onset of pain.

I went outside and spoke to the foreman of our excavation crew. I asked him if he thought my pinkie was broken. He had a look, nodded and offered me a ride to the hospital. I declined and said that I would drive myself. I have never broken a bone before. Somehow I thought it would hurt more.

Nothing is far away here. I was at the ER before 15 minutes had passed. It turns out my pinkie was only dislocated and, with some slight-of-hand magic, the ER doctor easily popped it back into place. (Yes, there was time for a ‘pull my finger’ joke).  Besides a fat knuckle, my only souvenir is this x-ray.

Pull My Finger!

As I walked with the x-ray technician, I made a comment about probably being back soon since accidents happen in threes. She told me that no one in the emergency department believes that old wives’ tale.  I guess time will tell.

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