A Salmon Stream Nearby

Living on the wet west coast, salmon are common and accessible.  They are fished in streams and on the ocean, depicted in art, raised in classrooms and served in restaurants 365 days a year. They are a luxury that we take for granted.

But today I had my eyes opened to their magnificence once again. While on recess duty, I had the treat of watching Chum salmon begin to nest in the stream that borders the school grounds.  My new school is situated on the edge of a salmon spawning stream. In November, the Chum start running up the stream to lay their eggs and you can watch it all happen a mere 50 steps away from the staff room.

Here are  two videos and four photos taken from the stream bank below the bridge.  Enjoy!

This pedestrian bridge is only 50 paces from the school entrance. We walk here everyday and check out the salmon. It gets pretty stinky at the end of November with all the dead ones! The pics below are directly under the bridge.

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    Jennifer said,

    What a great way to learn an appreciation for the environment at such a young age. The pics are great. Enjoy this holiday season!

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